BXS-AM is Left and Right Dual Beam Infrared PIR Sensor with 4 PIR technology. It enables you to adjust the detection distance on each side (left, right) to suit the area. It has a digital anti-masking system to alert you when intruders cover or paint the sensor lens. It also has a function to reduce false alarms caused by cars, pets, environmental factors. The device has been designed to look simple but modern so that it able to be well with any type of building.

  • IR digital anti-masking function
  • 4 PIR technology
  • Detection Range 24m, 12 m on each side (Left and Right)
  • Adjustable each side to 5 ranges (2.5m, 3.5m, 6.0m, 8.5m, 12.0m)
  • Individual detection area and sensitivity setting
  • Extreme high detection mode
  • SMDA logic for advanced temperature compensation
  • Individual signal outputs (right / left)
  • Double conductive shielding against bright light disturbance
  • Back tamper
  • Automatic walk test mode